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03/02/2012 09:03


Robert Stenson.
El Segundo, CA
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February 15, 2012
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Michael removed my old cedar wood fencing which had come down during the wind storms in December of 2011 and replaced it with a new cedar wood perimeter fence. As part of the job, he noted the support posts for the original fence had not been propertly anchored with steel straps in concrete, which contributed to the rotting of the fence posts and led to it coming down. As part of the new fence installation, Michael dug new post holes and installed steel strap footings in concrete.
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Michael was very responsive in coming out to my house to look at the old fence, discuss my options and then provide me an estimate to remove the old fence and construct a new one. We discussed several options for the new fence and then he provided me with an estimate shortly thereafter. I used Michael's estimate as part of my claim to my insurance company and he was very prompt with his follow-up and responses to any of my questions.

I did not begin the job until about 6 weeks after the original estimate because of the time to process the insurance claim. However, once I gave Michael the go-ahead, he was able to start shortly thereafter. He was prompt and efficient in his work and completed the entire job in about 9 days. He was very organized with his tools and the building materials and was very conscious throughout the job of not leaving a mess in my yard. Because I have a dog and one of my neighbors has a dog, he staged the work to provide the least disruption possible for our dogs.

The job cost exactly what Michael said it would and provided me exactly what I expected. All in all, I was very pleased with Michael as a professional, a craftsman and a person. I would gladly use him again for carpentry work and would highly recommend him to others.
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